Sustainable tourisme

The Principality of Monaco, a tourist destination par excellence, is aiming to become irreproachable in environmental protection. In this spirit, the Monegasque State and key tourism professionals are becoming more and more active every day in all aspects of sustainable development.

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases

The Principality of Monaco, conscious of the threats to future generations as a result of climate change, and concerned to meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, is therefore committed to putting in place an energy policy that incorporates sustainable development objectives.  »Read more

Supporting the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

All the key players in the Principality are taking action, alongside Prince Albert II, to become exemplary in their approach to sustainable development and in particular in combatting climate change, both on their own territory and on an international level.  »Read more

Controlling air quality

To avoid adverse effects or risks to health and the environment, there has been an automated network of six air quality monitoring stations in the Principality for almost 20 years.  »Read more

The quality of coastal waters

The Principality monitors the physical and chemical quality of coastal waters, based on repeated measurements of every component of the marine environment (bodies of water, sediments and living organisms). It also monitors activities and natural and anthropogenic inputs that might affect environmental quali... »Read more

The Mairie de Monaco (Monaco Town Hall) and its environmental commitment

Sustainable development is a concept that allows us to think and act differently and satisfy our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations. The Mairie de Monaco has been committed to sustainable development for several years. It has put in place concrete measures with the aim of integra... »Read more

The Principality of Monaco and PlanetSolar

Preserving our planet by promoting solar energy and energy efficiency is central to the TÛRANOR PlanetSolar boat. PlanetSolar is the largest boat powered by solar energy. It set out from Monaco to tour the world, inform the public and raise awareness of existing technologies in the field of renewable energi... »Read more

The Hotels adopt the green….

In early December 2007, AIHM (Monegasque Hotel Industries Association) signed an agreement on the adoption of an environmental Charter.  »Read more

Restaurants against global warming

Monegasque restaurants are particularly proud to support the campaign initiated by Prince Albert II of Monaco against the consumption of red tuna, which is an endangered species.  »Read more